About us

At JESSANDLOVE, we cherish those sweet, unforgettable mommy and me moments. Laughing, exploring and cruising through life with the little ones is a huge part of motherhood - and doing it in matching T-shirts just makes the whole thing even more fun. JESSANDLOVE was born out of appreciation for chic, functional, soft T-shirts both mom and child will love. We understand fashion- conscious contemporary mothers who look for the cool factor when dressing their kids. Comfortable, slightly oversized and perfect for dynamic duos on the go, our T-shirts come in a variety of timeless designs, featuring playful and creative prints and embroidery patterns moms can mix and match and kids will happily get on board with. For afternoon walks, daily adventures, spontaneous cuddles and the occasional photo-op, we believe in twinning in style while being totally (and adorably) yourself.